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Refer your friends

What is our sponsorship program all about?

Are you interested in sharing with your friends and family? Today, everyone wins with the sponsorship program!

When you share the site with a friend, they save 5% on their first order. In return, you get a 5% discount on a future order of at least €45 (not including shipping and handling fees).

Sponsorship discounts cannot be combined with other offers or rebates.

How does it work?

You are the sponsor:

  • Click on the “Sponsorship” menu, enter the first and last names of the recipients along with their e-mail addresses.
  • Send the sponsorship offer.
  • You will receive an e-mail notification when your sponsee has completed an order, at which point you will also receive your 5% discount.

You are the sponsee:

When you receive the sponsorship e-mail, click on the link to get your discount when completing your order on our website. Your discount will be applied to your order automatically.

How does the sponsor receive the discount?

The discount is applied to the sponsor’s order automatically.

Sponsor discounts are cumulative. The sponsor accumulates savings for every sponsee who completes an order.

In other words, the sponsor gets 5% off for every sponsee. If the customer sponsors 2 people who order from the website, the sponsor will receive a discount of 10% (5% x 2) on their order.

A promo code will be generated automatically. If the sponsor prefers to use the discount on a later order, they can delete the promo code and apply it to their next order.

The sponsor may consult their sponsorship history at any time and send reminders to their sponsees through the Sponsorship menu.