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Hair care designed & made in France
Kairly Paris, the expert in products for curly, frizzy & kinky
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Kapiwi Range
Kapiwi! The range of small heads with curls and crimps.
Skincare with a sweet-gourmet fragrance to die for, a cocktail of natural super-ingredients: coconut, shea, aloe vera, jojoba to wash, detangle, tame and style all little curly and frizzy heads.
5 treatments specially developed for the delicate and rebellious hair of young and old children from 3 years old.
What about hidden ingredients?
And no, Kapiwi products are designed without these ingredients: Without sulfated surfactants, Silicone free, Free of maligned ingredients such as parabens, synthetic dyes, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils
1-2-3 Routine KAPIWI
23.30 €
(-14.59%) 19.90 €
44.60 €
(-12.78%) 38.90 €