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Hair care designed & made in France
Kairly Paris, the expert in products for curly, frizzy & kinky
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curly hair care

Timeless treatments with a very strong naturalness and at a very low price, which are suitable for women and men.

By integrating shea, an ingredient with multiple benefits, into its new range, KAIRLY Paris has chosen to offer solutions suitable for all types of dry, damaged, wavy, curly, curly or frizzy hair.

The KARIGINS range offers the best of Shea butter, to pamper the hair and beautify it without the fuss.


Kapiwi Range
Kapiwi! The range of small heads with curls and crimps.
Skincare with a sweet-gourmet fragrance to die for, a cocktail of natural super-ingredients: coconut, shea, aloe vera, jojoba to wash, detangle, tame and style all little curly and frizzy heads.
5 treatments specially developed for the delicate and rebellious hair of young and old children from 3 years old.
What about hidden ingredients?
And no, Kapiwi products are designed without these ingredients: Without sulfated surfactants, Silicone free, Free of maligned ingredients such as parabens, synthetic dyes, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils